Chaos Legion I

by Dynamics Plus

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Imagine a world where the Roman Empire never fell but instead dominated the globe. Envision a place where mythology and technology meet on battlefields filled with robotic gladiators, giant siege machines and hovercrafts manned by Centurions. This is the world of the C.H.A.O.S Legion, a massive two volume concept album rooted in hip hop but powered by futuristic beats and a sonic palette including multiple characters conversing in rhyme. Dynamics Plus, emcee and producer who also mixed, mastered and even created the artwork has basically created an audio version of a big budget fantasy epic in his own studio "the fallout shelter".


released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Dynamics Plus New York

The Dynamics Plus is a Hip Hop artist and producer from the United States. He presents a futuristic vision of what lyrically-driven Rap could evolve into. His style combines dense wordplay over imaginative music.

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Track Name: The Magnificent Six
The Magnificent Six

It's been six days - neither army giving way
many were slain before the force that invades
on day eight we make a treaty and truce, to continue to lose
and so we use our best troops and their King is a glorious thing
so swift with the sword (victorious) some say it sings
a single flame, he circled with a torch
made a ring, a round arena where our battle will be fought.
They are called The Magnificent Six Without a further hint, he begins to sprint
The man's transfixed and thinking a trick for the runner comes quick
without a weapon to lift. "What madness is this?"
Then sparks start to flick like lightning on his feet
like his cleats striking flint He tried to dig in
but the runner runs over him and in a flash
he was gashed, chest bashed in
Now that's my best. Supreme Champion: Griffin crest on his chest
holds his ground before the final bound he dropped down
an upward cut cut the runner down.

They are quite skilled my lord. Watch the spearman. I see it!

From The stance he was standing in
face like a mannequin heavy handed holds the javelin
rubs his hands with salt then starts to assault
from walk to stalk, tries to pole vault
I chopped his stalk made him fall off and summersault
he was caught, took his helmet and his head off

(watch it my lord)
he's so vicious with a discus
He stood ready, steady closing the distance
I whispered Invictus while hoping he misses
His missile listens and another man's finished
My shield caved in, I darted in
he started to spin, my small blade slides under his chin.
They run at strange angles
The claw hooks dangle, they entangled his ankle
He was strangled in a net or a mesh
and then the rest began stripping his flesh (Triangle defense)
I threw my sword and it scored
Bathis roared and chopped through the cords
Two of the last three tried to reel him in.
The pinned fisherman doesn't feel the steel slide in.
The second to last, lasts for a second
he was deadened by a double headed heavy weapon.
It's so ironic as he sprawls
even as he falls he wonders what the weapons called.
The dust settles, see their king in heavy metal.
And this test is a testament to his mettle
We stared across the battle field
two bloody battlelords who will never yield
I picked up my battered shield
A small matter for the heavy battle axe he wields.
At forty paces, there's a glares in his face
at twenty paces all he sees is his face
in ten paces the sun seals his fate
reflected in my shield, and deflecting to a scrape.
The next waits, the sure blade play decapitates
for my Chaos Legion we defend the gates